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A reputed branded business endeavors to significantly modernize and expand its online sales & customer relationship management. In this journey, this business encounter’s many problems related to user experience, performance, reliability, and security leading to customer disengagement. 

The digital organization engages an independent DevOps architect consulting firm to investigate and implement solutions. The architect expected to root-cause the problems and put the proper monitoring to bring complete continuous visibility for future innovation.

Based on the high-level problem statement, the architect first performs an independent audit based on available data points, counters, logs. These audit results are shared with key stakeholders to facilitate collecting a set of requirements to solve the problems. The architect breaks down the essentials into a detailed set of selection criteria. The architect then recommends industry-leading tools that provide solutions to the above needs and scores the tools against those criteria.

Figure 1 A Sample Tool Evaluation Scorecard

Architects and stakeholders collaboratively refine the scores and discuss qualitative aspects before making the proper tool selections. A roadmap is laid out to depict various milestones to get to the desired end state. Both tool selection and roadmap are collaborative, iterative DevOps style processes to allow course corrections and agility.

The case study below shows various key activities scheduled to accommodate business needs, budgetary constraints, and DevOps maturity timing. For example, consolidation of multiple instrumentations is a long-term goal; however, a few other prerequisites such as retooling, debt collections, and deprecation must occur first to reap the best ROI.


Figure 2 A DevOps Implementation Roadmap


  • The business comfortably met 100% of its online peak sales goal with a capacity of 3X reserved for future growth

  • Uptime improved to 99.99%

  • Zero customer-impacting errors 

  • IT budget in a healthy state for future modernization such as state of the art customer experience management and consolidation of instrumentation

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